Who are we

Dodabetta Tea Factory, at ooty, TamilNadu was founded in the year 2005, and is well managed by Mr. N.K.Krishnamoorthy, former Member of Tea Board. Factory sprawls over an area of 1 acre in Ooty in the midst of the many blue hills of the Nilgiris, second largest hill station, bounded by tea plantations, at an altitude of 1839 meters. Our production capacity is 30 tonnes per month.

Having about 35 years of experience in Tea field operations has passion to set a Tea Museum adjacent to the Dodabetta Tea Factory. As per his desire, he established the Tea Museum on 1 acre at Ooty. The Tea Museum has been our dreams come true.

We had for long contemplated on the need to enlighten all of us, as residents of one of India’s largest tea growing districts, and also our visitors, on the rather exciting story of the evolution of Tea. Having finally decided to go ahead with this rather daunting task, we felt the ideal place to record and present all these wonderful pieces of history, should be the Nilgiris itself. So we got down to the task, but soon realized that just like almost all other aspects of history, the evolution of tea too, was shrouded with numerous versions. The Chinese believed that it was their legendary emperor Shen-Nung who should be credited for the discovery of Tea and the rest of Asia felt The Buddha had discovered tea while preaching the precepts of Buddhism across the continent . . .

We spent a lot of time and effort on research, gathering and sifting information for authenticity and have also validated our version of the evolution through discussions with some of the early pioneers of tea in the Nilgiris. Of course, the information we present at the Tea Museum does not purport to be the truest and most decisive version of the evolution of tea. However it has been an honest attempt to shed light where there was none.

At the Tea Museum, you will find three broad sections of Tea History - Origins of World tea, Tea history in India and finally Evolution of Tea in the Nilgiris. You will come across interesting snippets on how tea as a beverage and a trade commodity influenced social, economic and cultural nuances across the world, and how these factors in turn, influenced the growth of Tea.

We do hope you enjoy your journey through the Tea Museum as much as we have, while compiling it!

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